Breeding objectives and guidelines

We are Helmut Ewenz and Gebhard Jansen - or in short the Mittelerde Breeders' Association.

Looking ahead, we have set ourselves the goal of breeding correct, fit and healthy sport horses with above-average movements and very good jumping ability. We use first the best dam lines and pay particular attention to rideability, character, external appearance, the musculoskeletal system and the athletic disposition when selecting the stallion in further breeding planning. We closely follow the guidelines of our breeding associations.

For the mating of our mares we have been using the European stallion market for many years. Stamp stallions, main premium winners and more and more highly successful stallions from major international sporting events are predominantly preferred - we only test young stallions in exceptional cases when the first foals are already outstanding.

Mother lines with reliable genetics play a major role in our mares. In addition to qualitative predicates such as state or main premiums, it is in particular the sporting achievements of mother and grandmother themselves and their offspring that form the basis of our success.

Our offspring grow up under top conditions before they gently start professional training for three year olds.

The world of breeders is moving, trends are developing and the regional idea is long gone. Reason enough for us to remain curious and to look arround the world. With this in mind, we hope that we will be able to meet and exchange ideas on one of our breeding tours at some point. We are already looking forward to it.

Kind regards, Helmut and Gebhard